We’re on a mission to connect the world through audio.

FYPER Media is a full-service audio production company that creates amazing shows and episodes for organizations that value connection. We serve clients with distinct needs, developing podcasts and audio products unique to their target audience.

FYPER Media was born out of a hunger for more - more discussion, more listening, more connection. In a world where conversations are increasingly taking place on social media, or among the talking heads, we can’t help but to want more than what the almighty algorithm has to offer.

Founded by audiophile and podcast producer Colin Martin in 2018, FYPER Media believes in the power of audio to connect people through storytelling and conversation. Whether you’re a small business looking to rise above the noise created by traditional marketing strategies, a non-profit wanting to share your powerful message at-scale, or an individual with a great idea for a podcast, we can help you create more genuine connection with your audience.

At FYPER Media, we are committed to helping our clients succeed through the power of audio. As a small and highly focused team, we take a selective approach to the clients we work with, and we are constantly learning and refining our skills to ensure that we deliver the best possible results. If you're looking to create powerful audio content that connects with your audience and helps you achieve your goals, we're here to help.

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